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Estella (Sue) Smith (Acri)
sueacri@gmail.com Fund Development Consultant Married 2 1968
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Sandra Lau (Caufman)
scaufman@icloud.com Retired IT Project Exec. Married 2 1968
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Dorothy Hughes (Davis)
dorothy.davis821@gmail.com Retired Married 2
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jhhs1960@att.net retired-IT consultant Married 5
Director: John Harris Historical Project - To save for future generations all of the names, information, etc. of ALL who attended, taught or were on staff at John Harris during it's 46 years as a high school from the year when it opened 1926 thur June 1971 after which it became Harrisburg High School in September of 1971, We are all slowly leaving this world for another and it is with great satisfaction to record for posterity that which future generatons may search their family histories. No public access to the project is permitted and it is directed to go to local historical and our nations archives in DC. E-mail address for any and all inquiries is JHHS1960@ATT.NET Send JOHN (SKEE) a MessageSend JOHN (SKEE) a Message
Frank Holliday
fholliday@ec.rr.com USMC Retired Married 2 1968
I think about high school  alot. High scool and 30 years in the Marine Corps is what y life is about. Married a girl from CD. We never lost a football game. Send Frank a MessageSend Frank a Message
Janice Hamer (Jordan)
jejordan2010@comcast.net Retired from Verizon Married 2 1968
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Lynda Rohrbach (Manning)
ronm600@comcast.net Retired from Bell Telephone/Verizon Married 1 1968
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Patrice Grove (Miller)
gpdrmiller@gmail.com retired-school teacher/counselor Married 2
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Avis Ann Geisel (Pulaski)
adirondakbound@yahoo.com Retired RN Married 2 1968
I am still in contact with several people from high school.It was such a tumultous year,1968,for many reasons. I worked over 40 years as a nurse,31 years at Hbg Hospital.I can't wait to see everyone at the reunion. Send Avis Ann a MessageSend Avis Ann a Message
Paul Setlak
paul@setlak.net Software Engineer Married 4 1968
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